Guatemala News

Church rendering

Artists’ rendering of the facade.

Our April team returned home after a successful week in Patzún. Work continues to progress at the Church of Jesus the Good Shepherd, and preparations are being made to plaster interior walls. Below is a photo of the youth group decorating the sanctuary for their anniversary celebration.310a05b9-9ec4-4919-8429-71806b0499ec.jpeg

The April team installed ten ONIL stoves in Patzún during the week.  These stoves will create a healthier home environment and will reduce family consumption of firewood by 70%. This gives us a total of 258 stoves and pure water filters installed in the community.  For those of us who water our lawns with drinkable water, it is difficult for us to appreciate the impact of having clean water available for the first time inside the home.

Truckload of stove parts

Another new stove installed

A meal lovingly prepared on a safe and healthy stove.

This was Helping Hands’ 51st.  SEND team to Patzún   There has been a total of 308  members on those 51 teams.   The team for the up coming year are forming now so if you have an interest in being a part of this team, please send an email ( or call Fred (262-853-9863).  The plan for the week is to continue the work on the main sanctuary and to install 10 stoves and water filters in the Patzún community.   Please continue to pray for the Lord’s leading for our teams and as well as for Pastor Claudio, church members, and all the people of Patzún.  And if your heart leads you to help our sisters and brothers there with a monetary donation to assist in the purchase of block for the main auditorium, a donation check can either be written to Elmbrook Church (with project code 395 GW 03 notated on the memo line) or to Helping Hands Missions and mailed to P.O. Box 1994 Waukesha, WI 53187.   Thank you for being a part of this endeavor to serve our Lord in Patzún, Guatemala.