Mission Statement

Missions Statement

Mission Statement: God has bestowed upon us great blessings, further calling us to share His blessings while extending His good name throughout the world. We believe God has called us into a partnership with our brothers and sisters in Christ to build His church and further His kingdom through short term mission experiences.

Helping Hands Missions looks to recruit, train, and encourage men and women who are willing to serve God throughout the world.

Ephesians 2:19-20 You are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus as the chief cornerstone.

Who is called?

Christians looking to further serve God by helping their fellow man. We are a non-denominational effort, garnering our strength through Christ’s greater community.
• A servant heart.
• A team player.
• A faithful, teachable and responsive attitude.
• Construction experience is not necessary but always helpful.
• A willingness to commit to the training provided prior to going on the trip.

How we serve.

Helping Hands serves God by offering construction assistance through donations of funds for building supplies to growing churches and to missionaries in other countries, as well as the needed workforce to utilize such supplies. In addition we supply much needed disposable goods including tools, computers, toys, and hygiene products. Finally, we provide Bibles and other church related teaching tools.

How Does it Work?


Helping Hands is in partnership with the Church of the Holy Covenant “Santo Pacto” in Patzún, Guatemala. This is the main church, associated with a smaller group of churches scattered throughout the rural country of Guatemala. Holy Covenant identifies the areas of need and service. Our teams work alongside members of the host church, working together to help the other churches. Our early efforts include:

  • Pouring of a concrete roof for a church in Triciviouc, Guatemala.
  • Repairing the main well used as the water source for an orphanage in Tzancha, Guatemala, and painting the dormitory inside and out.
  • Since 2004, assisting in the construction of a large chuch building for La Iglesia de Jesús, el Buen Pastór (The Church of Jesus, the Good Shepherd), which will seat 900, with additional meeting rooms and classrooms.
  • Installation of safe, efficient wood-burning stoves in individual homes.
  • Providing effective water filtration units to individual homes.


Helping Hands has been serving alongside missionaries in Medellín, Colombia, at the Viento Fresco (Fresh Wind) Children’s Center.


Trips to Colombia are focused on evangelical ministry and work projects as well as serving the children at the Center.  You can expect to be stretched out of your comfort zone as you join in power encounters with lost and hurting people in Medellín. Many people have been delivered from strongholds, the chains of addiction have been broken, and shattered lives have been healed.

We have also served in Mexico, Milwaukee WI, the Congo, Zambia, and on a teaching ship in Denmark.

We place a high priority on relationship building with the local people, not only working on projects but also visiting their homes and joining them in social events and worship services. We attempt to show Christ’s love for them through our actions. Helping Hands is always pursuing other opportunities anywhere in the world.