Helping Hands and COVID-19

During the very difficult time all over the world, Helping Hands Missions has suspended mission trips outside the United States.

Instead, we are focussing our resources on hunger relief contributions to our friends around the world who are tirelessly providing relief to the homeless, unemployed, and hungry in the communities where they serve. Some of these have had serious natural disasters at the same time, and much restoration is needed.

So far, we have provided funds for programs in:

-Puebla, Mexico

-Flores, Guatemala

-Patzun, Guatemala

-Medellín, Colombia

-St. Andrés Island, Colombia

-Schopje, Macedonia


-The Philippines

-Waukesha, Wis., USA

-Milwaukee, Wis., USA

We are humbled to know that God can use us to answer the prayers of others, if only in part. It’s not possible, though, without our generous donors.

You can easily contribute to this dire need. Literally thousands of people can be affected.

Check out the options for giving on our Donations page. Whatever means you choose, just indicate that your donation is for “Hunger Relief.” 100% of what you give will be forwarded to this cause.